Void tRrLm(); // Void Terrarium Limited Edition PS4 Game


Product Description

Void tRrLm(); // Void Terrarium Limited Edition PS4 Game

This is a game that will appeal to fans of indie titles, and rogue likes! A fantastic new addition to this genre! A great story revolving around Toriko who you need to ensure survives any way you can! Protect her any way you can!

Hope in a Cold World - From the creator of 'A Rose in the Twilight' and 'htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary', this harrowing roguelike adventure combines cute visuals with a somber yet whimsical post-apocalyptic story.

Custom-Made Caretaker - Install various equipment, skills, Knacks, and parts you find on your expeditions to improve your ability to explore the wasteland and fight enemies, while preventing threats to Toriko’s health by feeding her, curing over 15 possible diseases, and building her various gadgets to make her life more comfortable in the wasteland.

The Mysteries of the Void - Choose your loadout wisely as you fight through procedurally generated levels in turn-based combat. No two adventures are alike when braving the toxic wastes.