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ThunderX3 ED3 Gaming Desk

ThunderX3 ED3 Gaming Desk

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Built especially for maximum gaming performance and comfort, the ThunderX3 ED3 Gaming Desk will transform any gaming setup into the battlestation of your dreams. With carbon fiber style finishing and a stylish, futuristic design, the ED3 delivers the look and feel of a true gamer straight to your room.

Setting the standard for the new era of gaming chairs, the Era Series makes it possible to rock the look and feel of a pro gamer without breaking the bank.

  • Carbon fiber style finishing delivers a futuristic look and feel
  • Ergonomically-friendly design keeps you feeling comfortable and relaxed
  • Adjustable feet on desk legs to maintain balance
  • Cable grommets for convenient cable management
  • Cable management tray for efficient cable management
  • Equipped with a convenient headphone hanger under the desk
  • Sturdy steel frame provides greater durability
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