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The Persistence Nintendo Switch Game

The Persistence Nintendo Switch Game

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Product Description

The Persistence Nintendo Switch Game

Inspired by classic titles such as system Shock, Dead Space and Resident Evil, "the PERSISTENCE" Is a brutal 1st person horror exploration game, that does not hold your hand. You must survive aboard a doomed colony ship, overrun with mutants. Delivering a core 10-12 hours experience with replayable and unlockable modes, such as survival mode.

Features - 

  • Set in 2521, deep space vessel called the persistence, is on a mission to Colonise a distant planet. The ship gets dragged into a collapsing Star 17K light years from Earth
  • all crew die but the clone printer has become corrupted, creating mutated copies of your ex-shipmates
  • the computer IRIS, has cloned you to help. You are the last survivor
  • your mission? Restore functionality to the persistence and somehow make your way back to Earth
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