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The Light Brigade (Collector's Edition) /PS5

The Light Brigade (Collector's Edition) /PS5

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A roguelike VR shooter with realistic gunfights and immersive light magic.Rise through the ranks of the Light Brigade to unlock new weapons, upgrades, classes, and abilities as you fight to bring the light back into the darkness.The world remains in eternal darkness and only you can bring the dawn.Journey through procedurally generated battlefields as many times as necessary to free the souls of the fallen trapped within.

  • Start your run with a stock rifle and loot powerful attachments like explosive spells, poison gun barrels, tactical scopes, silencers and more. If you fall victim to enemy fire, survive long enough to retrieve your fallen soul or lose your run progress and die permanently

  • Realistic gunfights inspired by historic World War I weapons make for exciting battles against increasingly difficult enemy soldiers, creatures, and bosses

  • Powerful light magic pairs beautifully with gunfights. Whether penetrating your rifle's bullets with light magic or raining down fireballs on enemy hordes, spells complement your rifle by adding more combat tools to your arsenal

  • Loot treasure chests and enemies throughout your run to collect a series of magical tarot cards, each with unique powers, buffs/debuffs, and passive abilities. Acquire stronger versions of these cards for devastating stacking effects

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