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RAID World War II/XXB1

RAID World War II/XXB1

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This action-packed four-player cooperative first-person shooter is set during the terrifying time when the German war machine was tearing through Europe, and hope was in short supply. Known for contributing to critically-acclaimed heist game PAYDAY 2, developers Lion Game Lion lead by Game Director Ilija Petrusic (Co-founder of OVERKILL Software and lead level designer of PAYDAY: The Heist and PAYDAY 2) and Starbreeze Publishing bring their trademark fun and exciting cooperative gameplay, stealth mechanics and superb sound design to this thrilling period shooter.


RAID s unique character classes, hero special abilities, customizable weapons and uniforms, and real-life war-torn locations bring the surreal conflict to lifeas players fight for their freedom through sabotage, robbery, and assassination of the dastardly Nazi regime. In RAID s world-wide fight against evil, four prisoners of war are freed by an ominous secret British intelligence officer, Mrs. White, who needs to take down Hitler and his Third Reich once and for all.


Players will utilize key game features to save Europe from the Nazi threat and get rich, including: - Class Based Gameplay Players choose from four different classes Recon, Assault, Insurgent, or Demolitions each with theirown highly developed skill tree that allows for various play styles; - War Cries Each character class can unleash their own powerful War Cry to buff their player or the entire team; - Character Customisation RAID s four heroes represent the main combatants from the European theatre of WWII: GreatBritain, USA, Germany and the Soviet Union. Each character possesses a unique look and a customisable uniform; - Lethal Weapon Modifications the Second World War was infamous for arming the world with deadly and experimentalweapons that went bang in lethal fashion.


RAID: World War II gives players access to an array of precision killing machines complete with weapons upgrades such as custom barrels, stocks, fore grips, optic sights and much more to satisfy a variety tastes; - Operations Mode RAID: World War II offers players the opportunity to play through extended versions of their favoritemissions by undertaking the Operations gameplay mode. Operations challenges players through a chained series of highlymodified raids, featuring new storylines, and added content and objectives; - Challenge Cards By participating and completing successful raids, players will earn Challenge Cards that allow them tocustomize the rules of a raid in a give-and-take fashion. For example, enemy ammo drops will increase, providing players withmore ammunition to hold enemies at bay; however, the damage inflicted by enemies will be greater; - Real-World Locations The game s setting takes place in real-world locations across war-torn Europe. From mighty m dominating the heart of Berlin, to the idyllic bridge over the Elbe, players will travel through a war-torn Europe and bringdestruction to Nazis in every corner of Hitler s Reich.

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