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NINTENDO Set 2 Joy-Con Pastel Purple-Pastel Green

NINTENDO Set 2 Joy-Con Pastel Purple-Pastel Green

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These versatile Joy-Cons offer lots of amazing new features for gamers to enjoy. Two Joy-Cons can be used separately in each hand, or together as game controllers, when attached to the Joy-Con grip. They can also connect to the main console for use in portable mode, or be shared with friends for fun in partner mode in supported games.

Each Joy-Con has a full set of buttons and can serve as a standalone controller.

Each Joy-Con includes an accelerometer and gyroscopic motion sensor, making it possible to control left and right movement separately.

Each Joy-Con features HD rumble, creating an immersive gaming experience that's impossible to achieve with sights and sounds alone.

Joy-Con controllers can charge for up to 20 hours. Reconnect the Joy-Con controllers to the console to charge them, or connect them to the Nintendo Switch Charging Grip (sold separately).

Up to eight controllers can be connected to a single console simultaneously via Bluetooth.

Compatible with Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OLED model.

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