• The Evercade is a retro handheld console.
  • Supports 8 and 16 bit games.
  • Collectable, with an ever-increasing library of games on the unique Evercade cartridge.
  • HDMI connectivity to connect to your TV - With up-scaled graphics to HD.
  • 43" Screen (the same size as a PSP).
  • Selectable 4: 3 or 16: 9 screen ratios (traditional retro 'square' Or wide screen).
  • Supports saving and loading your game at any point.
  • 4 hour battery life.
  • Imported from UK.


Evercade is a brand new handheld console with unique multi-game
retro cartridges from leading games publishers and console
platforms. It has a 4.3" Screen and connects to your TV,
up-scaling graphics to HD. You can save and load your progress at
any point and there's a library of over 100 officially licensed
8-bit and 16- bit retro games. Inside this premium Pack you will
find: namco collection 1 cartridge with 11 games including pac
man, dig Dug and galaxian! Interplay collection 1 cartridge with
6 games including Earth Worm Jim and Clay Fighter! Atari
collection 1 cartridge with 20 games including Centipede (2600),
Ninja golf (7800), Asteroids (2600) and food fight (7800).

Box Contains

White Evercade console:USB charging cable:Namco Museum Collection
1 cartridge (with 11 games):Interplay Collection 1 cartridge
(with 6 games):Atari Collection 1 cartridge (with 20 games)

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