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Air Conflicts Vietnam

Air Conflicts Vietnam

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Vietnam...1965: A long-simmering conflict is escalating, and you're about to become part of it. Witness the story of Joe Thompson, a brave US Air Force pilot. He is young, talented and one of the first US soldiers to arrive in Vietnam. The will to serve his country dominates his life. But his experience during this war will change him forever.

Take the pilot's seat of screaming jet fighters and helicopters, all authentic war of the Vietnam era. Experience explosive and unrivalled aerial combat as you accompany Joe on his way to becoming a true Ace.


Story driven combat: Experience a thrilling, emotional story, filled with heroic moments and the dark side of war.
Get to the chopper: Pilot more than 20 jet fighters and for the first time in the Air Conflicts series - helicopters!
Lead a team: Control four jets or helicopters in a squadron in each mission and tactically use their unique features and pilots to complete objectives.
Guns in the sky: Each plane and helicopter has a variety of weapons available based on real life military equipment.
Light your fire: Treat your ears to a cool rock soundtrack in the style of classic Vietnam-era bands!
Challenge your friends: Play death match, team death match and capture-the-flag multiplayer games online via the Internet.
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