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AIM XL gaming mouse pad

AIM XL gaming mouse pad

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XL gaming mouse pad

AIM has created a mat specially designed for e-sports and gaming. XL size (798 × 346 mm), for keyboard and mouse, completely covers the desktop offering an extended size in the mouse area.

Specially designed to offer great freedom of movement and comfort in the most intense gaming sessions, the AIM mat has a larger area for the mouse. Sharpen your aim and compete to the maximum without limiting your movements.


Improve the sliding of your mouse ensuring maximum grip and control in your game sessions to compete at a professional level. The advanced cloth matrix surface of the AIM mat guarantees superior mouse softness and optimized extreme precision for the most advanced optical and laser mice.

Maximum grip and comfort

The non-slip floor mat AIM offers maximum comfort for the wrist and hand thanks to its natural rubber base with high grip safety. Prolong the training sessions thanks to the comfort of this mat and compete without worrying about the unwanted movement of your keyboard and mouse.

The AIM mat follows your rhythm of game offering superior durability thanks to its reinforced edges

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