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  • Top quality mechanical switches OUTEMU
  • Advanced control microprocessor for total software control and full RGB system
  • Full programmable RGB with a multitude of effects. Activation by software and hardware (DUAL system)
  • Powerful control software with profiles, macros, illuminations ... etc
  • Optional wrist rest included
  • Professional quality with the best features

    The key to a perfect play, the difference between a win and a loss, the trick to exploit your skills to the fullest, resides in the best team. The AIM keyboard is the ideal peripheral to compete: specially created to offer the best performance, this mechanical keyboard guarantees maximum control over your movements.

    Play professionally and immerse yourself in eSports with this professional gaming keyboard. Thanks to its powerful user software for Windows, you can configure and optimize the configuration of your AIM keyboard. The programmable internal e-sports processor guarantees total customization.


    With the removable wrist rest included, play with maximum comfort according to your preferences. In addition, the AIM keyboard can be programmed through software and hardware. Controls the lighting key by key, configures all types of performance parameters, speed, macros and profiles with your personalization program. At the same time, this keyboard puts at your fingertips a direct control system without the need for any program to access a lighting control directly by hardware through a series of key combinations. You choose the configuration of your keyboard!

    Spectacular DNA RGB lighting

    The exclusive DNA RGB lighting system offers 16.8 million colors, making AIM peripherals the most prominent accessories on your desk. This keyboard has a spectacular DNA RGB Full lighting on each key, with 19 effects and side lighting RGB Flow.


    It combines design and features to play at a professional level. The exclusive dual injection process of the AIM keyboard keys dispenses with paint printing to ensure maximum duration in the most extreme use.

    OUTEMU switches

    This mechanical keyboard is available in three switches of the prestigious manufacturer OUTEMU: blue, red and brown. To offer the pulsation that best suits the needs of each player, these three switches have different characteristics.



    The blue switch , of greater resistance and noisier, is ideal for writing. His auditory confirmation and his hardness in typing offer an experience similar to that of typing and guarantee great precision.

    The red switch , quieter and softer, is the preferred player. With less resistance, typing offers a dynamic and fluid experience.

    The brown switch is the best option for those players who want to combine the advantages of the red and blue switches. Hybrid, it offers a harder touch than the red switch, but softer than the blue one. The brown switch is perfect for the most professional gamers who, in addition to playing, want to use their keyboard to write.

    Additional features

    The 15 function keys of the AIM keyboard offer fast and precise control of the different functions of your computer. With total anti-ghosting capability, this keyboard will be at the height of your most intense games.

    Manufactured in high quality materials and with a professional finish, the aluminum cover of the AIM keyboard provides great strength.




    To facilitate cleaning and maintenance, the AIM keyboard has detachable keys and includes a tool for its extraction. In addition, the braided and gold-plated USB cable ensure maximum durability and connectivity.




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