• Amazing RGB DNA lighting by remote control
  • Padding with high quality foam to provide maximum comfort
  • Synthetic leather finish with elegant black design
  • Adjustable height and tilt to adapt easily to any type of user
  • Includes removable headrest and lumbar cushion

* Note: Powerbank and remote control batteries not included.


Maximum quality

The AIM chair provides the best possible quality thanks to its pro-gaming design, offering incredible comfort and an elegant black synthetic leather finish that combines perfectly with its color lighting.


Its padding with high quality foam manages to provide the ideal comfort to play for hours at maximum performance. In addition, it has two removable padded cushions, one for the head and one for the lower back, to keep your back and neck relaxed while you play for as long as you want.

Sensational RGB lighting

The backrest of the AIM chair is equipped with an impressive RGB DNA lighting system by fiber optic, powered by powerbank * and directed with infrared remote control, which will allow you to manipulate the light without even getting up from your seat.


Its elegant black design enhances the colors, making the AIM chair an indispensable element for any lover of RGB lighting. It has 4 lighting effects and up to 16 different colors to choose from.

Enjoy a pro-gaming seat with integrated lighting and spectacular design.

* Powerbank and remote control batteries not included

Designed for the most perfectionist gamers

Both the durability and the comfort of the AIM chair are designed to provide all the necessary features for an advanced gaming experience. Equipped with a Class 4 hydraulic piston, sturdy metal frame and 50mm nylon wheels, this is a seat designed to provide the highest quality and most professional performance.


It adapts perfectly to any user and any type of need. It has adjustable 2D armrests, adjustable height and reclining backrest up to 180º, so that you rest between games with total freedom.

Live the AIM experience with the utmost convenience!